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Some Kind Of Monster

For the first post in this community... lets talk about one of the most famous metal bands ever METALLICA. I just watched the documentary "Some Kind Of Monster" on Vh1. I have to say, i thought it was quite pathetic. All that meaningless bullshit, and complaining. Lars complains about everything possible, and meanwhile, he is selling his paintings, and getting millions and millions of dollars. I don't understand what they have to be so depressed about.
When it comes to recording "St Anger", Kurt says he doesen't want to play solos, because they don't want to "repeat" what they did the past. Hmmmmmm... Maybe he is just lazy, or maybe he realized that all the songs on that album suck, and are not worth adding anything to, because they know people will buy it anyway.
The fact is... "St Anger" does not represent the the kind of album they are capable of. It represents lazy, money hungry, selfish assholes. That is my opinion.

What does everyone think of Metallica?
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