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It’s official, EMPEROR have reunited to play some exclusive shows. The band is confirmed to headline the Inferno Festival and Wacken Open air 2006!!!

The band reunited after four years to play a surprise three-song set for Norwegian metal magazine Scream's 15-year anniversary, which took place at Oslo's Rockefeller Sept. 30. 2005. The band took the scene by surprise, performed three tracks — "The Loss And Curse Of Reverence", "I Am The Black Wizards", "Inno A Satana" — and received a rapturous welcome by an ecstatic crowd. Announced as a "big surprise band," the whole arrangement was so secret that neither organizers of the magazine's anniversary party nor the band itself told their closest friends and associates. Anyone that feels they missed out, fear not, next year is when the big events take place. The surprise gig was merely a cool way to “drop the bomb” and create even bigger anticipation for the upcoming shows.

In related news, Samoth and Trym will start recording the third ZYKLON album in November and Ihsahn releasing a solo album early next year. More news to follow!



Photos of the band live(not sure from how long ago) can be found here http://photobucket.com/albums/y196/xmetalerinx/
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