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2005 Cd Releases

So far i have heard a bunch of new cds...

Opeth - Ghost Revaries: This cd is awesome!!! Brilliant!!! You gotta get this one... It's really good.

Children Of Bodom - Are You Dead Yet?: This cd pretty much sucks... There is nothing special about any of the songs (With the exception of "Trashed Lost And Strungout", but that song was already released as an EP, so just save your money and buy that). Mostly all thier shit is good, but it sounds like they got lazy with this one... I say... Just go out and buy "Follow The Reaper", and "Hatecrew Death roll" instead haha.

Iron Maiden - Death On The Road: Great Live Cd!!!! The setlist could have been better, but then again... it's Iron Maiden, so it doesen't really matter. If there are some songs that you wanted to hear on this cd that are not on there... they have so many Live albums out, so i am sure it's on one of them lol.

Helloween - Mrs. God Single: I think there are a couple different versions of this single, but the one i have has 3 songs on it. "Mrs. God" is a decent song, but the other two suck. Lets hope "The Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy" lives up to the past "Keeper" albums.

Dream Theater - Octavarium: I wasn't that impressed with this one... There are some really good songs on it, but in my opinion it does not live up to some of thier other work. But yeah... IT IS Dream Theater, so just that said... it means that the musicianship on this cd is better than like 99.9% of all bands out there... so just for that, it's worth listening to lol.

If anyone has any great 2005 albums you want to share with this community... By all means, please do...
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